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The Star Club
08-May-2007 - Site Update
Added Cool Posers bootleg to discography. Thanks to Remik from Poland for the cover scans!

07-May-2007 - Site Update
Updated site to move data to mysql database. Added more to discography and pictures. Changed Gig photo section to slideshow format. Thanks to Tim for supplying a few scans.

21-December-2006 - Site Update
After a long hiatus and serveral haxor attacks, I've updates various things and updated disco. Some special exclusive content coming soon!!

02-April-2006 - Site Update
Added pictures of Club The Star Night gig at Shinjuku Loft on 11th of February 2006. Visit the Gig 2005 link to view them. Apologies for the really bad photography here... Mr Sapporo got the better of me. Special thanks to all members of THE STAR CLUB and The Strummers old and new and everyone else for putting on a great night.

18-November-2005 - Site Update
Added pictures of gig at Shinjuku Loft on 3rd of November 2005. Visit the Gig 2005 link to view them.

17-November-2005 - Site Update
Final Count and Ground Zero are being re-released on 12cm CD by Victor Entertainment. Final Count is available now with Ground Zero becoming available on the 23rd of November. Looks like no bonus material on either.

17-November-2005 - Site Update
Discography section updated with more album details. Albums added are Hello New Punks, Punk! Punk! Punk!, The Very Best Of THE STAR CLUB and The Very Rest Of THE STAR CLUB. Full track listings are included.

12-October-2005 - Site Update
After a lot of work this site is ready to go live. Most sections are complete but small errors and spelling mistakes probably still exist. Please email me if you see any errors or inaccuracies. Please read here for more information about this site and feel free to me if you have any contributions, questions or comments. All contributions will be given much credit.